I have been told, very kindly, by more than one person, that my blogs, while interesting, are perhaps a bit too long. To those of you who read my blogs to the end, thank you for your persistence – you probably get that grit and determination from running. I’ll give you a break this week:

I ran Castletown parkrun – my 79th (who’s counting). Another 5k in the bag.
Castletown parkrun was great
Muscles in the legs are still tight. Had a few days off work so hopefully the rest will do me good
I need a sports massage to get rid of the knots
I need to find a yoga class
Or maybe a yogilates class
Next week, the St Patrick’s Festival 5k – part of the Lord Mayor’s Challenge
I have all my green and orange gear ready
I love running
I love blogging about running
I love that you read my blogs
I love that you make nice comments about my blogs
I’ll probably be back to my wordy self next week.

Thank you all.
Teresa McCarthy, 50+ Fit4Lifer

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