Had a bit of a hectic week this week but managed to fit in three runs which was more than I expected. I got out for a 10k on Wednesday and really seen the benefit of the last few weeks training. I had been mostly concentrating on improving my pace with 5k runs and even though I didn’t manage to keep my 5k pace for the 10k I still finished with a way better time than the last time I’d run 10!

On Friday I held a coffee morning for the Irish Cancer Society so wasn’t sure if I would get out but luckily I had an hour to spare after it before I’d to pick up Charlie so I got a 5k in. It wasn’t really an enjoyable run as it had been such a busy morning along with the fact that I’d consumed way too many cakes and coffees that I actually felt really nauseous near the end, I was genuinely afraid I might be sick around 4.5k but I managed 5 before giving up, I was so glad to get it done as I knew I wouldn’t get another chance over the weekend!

Monday was such a gorgeous day I rushed home from work at six to try fit in a quick run and it was quick alright… 1.5k!! Unfortunately the weekend’s hen party antics caught up with me and I got a cramp after half a kilometre, I ran really slowly through it but after 1.5k it still hadn’t subsided so I just gave up. I was so annoyed and disappointed with myself, and my confidence was definitely knocked. I couldn’t believe how just one weekend could affect my running so much. But I didn’t dwell on those feelings, it’s not every weekend you get to celebrate friend’s upcoming nuptials and we all need a break every now and then!

I got out again Tuesday after work (wohoo bright evenings!!) I took it really slow for the first couple of kilometres so as not to risk a cramp again and got 5k done, I wasn’t overly happy with my time but hopefully by this time next week Il be back reaching it.

Charlie and I are off to visit my little sister in London tomorrow and were both so excited, I’ve been over to her a few times now since she moved two years ago but never brought Charlie with me so it will be a different experience altogether! I’m hoping to fit a run in one of the days and am really excited to see what that will be like!!