So I had a good rest this week after my 16 kilometres last week but it certainly wasn’t intentional!
Poor Charlie started to feel unwell on Sunday and ended up with a virus that had him unwell for the whole week, I was lucky enough to be able to take a few days off work to stay at home with him but unfortunately it didn’t leave much time for running!
I had hoped to do the Adamstown 10k and was really looking forward to another race but it would mean leaving Charlie for about four hours including travel and all which I just wasn’t happy to do when he was so unwell, so unfortunately I had to scrap that idea!
I did manage a couple of 5ks and I really pushed to do them as quick as I could so as not to leave the little man for too long. I ended up reaching my best 5k time of 25 minutes. That time has always been a goal of mine for some reason, so I was over the moon to get it. I had only just said to a friend that I would be so happy to do 5k in 25 minutes and wouldn’t be bothered trying to beat that, but now that I have I’m itching to get out and try finishing it in a quicker time!
I’ve a couple of busy weeks ahead with a friends hen party this weekend and Charlie and I are visiting my sister in London next week so Il really have to make an extra effort to fit in running and not lose my routine. I’ll keep you posted!

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