I’m seriously counting down the days until the clocks to go forward so I can get out running in the evenings again. I really feel I need to get out three to four times a week in preparation for the half marathon but at the moment I’m just about managing two to three times.
I’m really lucky to have my 3 hour window on a Friday while Charlie’s in playschool, and working part time means I’ve Wednesdays free too so if I’ve family around to watch him I can get out for a bit. But being able to run in the evenings again when my husband’s home to watch Charlie will make it so much easier to get a good training routine going again.
This week I only got out running twice, a 5k Wednesday and a 10k Friday. Our dog Lola joined me on both runs and she’s great company, she loves running along beside me and its great exercise for her too. Fridays 10k was tough, I gave up at 8k but Lola kept on running ahead of me so I walked for a bit and then sprinted to catch up with her, I ended up reaching 10k in a really good time, she’s a great little motivator!!
I’d hoped to get out Saturday or Sunday morning but a busy social weekend left me unable to run either day. I was so annoyed with myself that I’d let the whole weekend pass without getting out for a run at all, so this weekend I will be taking it easy and making sure I make time for my training. I received a wonderful gift of a Garmin activity tracker this week so I’m really looking forward to using that to record my journeys from now on!