I had every intention of making this a great week. I was going to go out running a couple of times and try to increase my running distance. I had really gotten into the mindset and the routine of exercising post-Christmas and I was all set for another week on-track.

However, if everything in life worked out as planned, it would be a terribly boring world. I started to feel unwell on Thursday and had to cancel my circuit class with Embrace Fitness (which I absolutely hate doing – but I just wasn’t feeling up to it). The weekend approached with little improvement, and my Saturday morning run was also cancelled. I found no improvement by Sunday and dragged myself to kDoc only to be informed I have glandular fever and was ordered to a week of bed rest, no work and no exercise. So that was the end of my plans!

I am already looking forward to getting back into work, and back into routine. For now I am watching way-too-much daytime TV (which is shocking) and trying to get myself better.

Always expect the unexpected,

Stay tuned,
Aislinn McFadden (SlimWithMeMolly_SW)

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