Just 3 weeks out from our 5k target! This week will give us a good indication how training is coming along.

When stretching, focus on active stretches where you are moving all the time over static stretches where you say stretch for 30 seconds at a time. Active or dynamic stretching best prepares you for the exercise ahead. Static stretching plays a role in recovery session such as in the evening after a session.

Test Days: Even now I like to break up any period of training longer 3 or 4 weeks with a test day. You will do a test at the end of both 3 and 6 weeks to give yourself a shorter term goal and ensure that the work you are doing is working for you.

Best of luck everyone, happy running and keep up the good work.

‘Tests are goooood, tests help us learn’, wasnt it Monika from Friends who once said that 😉