Gaelscoil Mhic Aodha 5K


Every 5k I do helps me progress as a runner. Each time I cross the start line I have a different goal in mind. Perhaps I want to shave a few seconds off my PB, perhaps I want to run the first 2k without walking, or perhaps I want to run the whole lot. My goals depend on circumstance – energy levels, injuries, muscle conditions, previous runs, etc, but must admit I do find it very helpful to set a goal in advance.


I had registered to take part in the Gaelscoil Mhich Aodha 5k as it was a local race, and also supported a local school. The goal I had in mind was to run the 5k in it’s entirety, as I had done for the Bob Heffernan 5K on the previous Tuesday. I set off across the start line and noticed my energy levels were not at there usually level (most likely due to leg tiredness from the 5k 4 days beforehand). Before long I found myself in the last handful of runners (as usual!) but was running along at a maintainable pace. I wanted so desperately to run the whole lot but my body was really battling against me (I paid no attention and carried on). Eventually my right knee started to ache and I was forced to walk a very short while between the 4th and 5th K which frustrated me. I should hve realized that something was wrong at this stage but got my speed back up and ran to the finish line. I was pleased with my time, but in hindsight I should have stopped and walked much sooner. I was so focused on reaching my goal that I failed to listen to my body and as a result I ended with knee injury. I have been out of circuit training and unable to run for the past two weeks and still on the mend. I hope to go for a slow 3k this evening to test the water!


Setting goals is a great way to push yourself, but always listen to your body.


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