Finally my motivation came back this week! I’ve really taken it easy the last while and just wasn’t in the humour to push myself, but I’m getting back on track now.
Since the 21k I’ve only ran a handful of 5ks and easy ones at that! So I went out last week to try challenge myself again with a faster paced 5k. The best I could do up until now was 25 minutes and I only managed that a couple of times so I was delighted to finish 5k in under 25 minutes last week!
It was tough going though, Im really not used to pushing myself that hard, I much prefer a comfortable paced long run but it’s good to challenge yourself. So I really tried to keep going and anytime my pace got down near 5 minutes per kilometre I pushed harder. The first kilometre was the fastest and that helped keep the overall pace down, but it was really tough, I was shattered at the end of it but delighted with my time!
I’m going to try include one fast paced run in my training weekly from now on as I know it really will help my overall running endurance.
Over the back holiday weekend I just fit in another slower paced 5k and a couple of days later a 10k.
I’ve signed up for the Darkness Into Light run this weekend and I’m really looking forward to it! It’s such a great cause and I’ve wanted to do it the last couple of years but something always came up meaning I couldn’t go. So this year my sister in law and I are going. I expect it’s going to be really lovely running as the sun comes up and as far as I know it’s not timed so it will be nice not to have to worry about that and just enjoy the athmosphere!