Well what an experience Darkness Into Light was!!
I went to bed kind of dreading the alarm going off at 3:00am but ended up waking at 2:30am and was rearing to go!
A quick cuppa later and Janet and I hit the road at 3:20am. We were taking part in the one in Naas and we couldn’t believe the amount of cars heading towards Naas racecourse at that time, it was absolutely wonderful to see!
A banana on the way over was all I could stomach at that time of the morning but it was plenty to keep me going for the run.
I was genuinely shocked at the crowds gathered to walk/run that morning. I’ve never seen so many at any run I’ve done before. It just goes to show how many people really care about such a great cause!
The rain started falling before we set off but we didn’t mind it was actually refreshing. Janet and I started in the middle of the crowd but worked our way up as we were running and soon had lots of space to ourselves. It was a really lovely experience, so peaceful and quiet, and as we were in a busy town the route was well lit so we didn’t need torches.
I didn’t bother timing our run on my watch but I think we finished in around 30 minutes. We were chatting as we ran and didn’t push ourselves for any particular pace which was nice, I think just running at that time is enough of an achievement!!
As we arrived back at the racecourse all I could see was the Denny sausage van!!!
The very kind staff had hundreds of sausage filled bread rolls waiting for us and it was possibly the best breakfast I’ve ever had!
Janet and I were buzzing on the way home, it was a really great experience all round and I cannot wait for next year!!
I got out for another run Tuesday after work but energy levels were low, I felt like I was running pretty fast but my pace wasn’t reflecting it. I pushed to try get finished in 25 minutes but it just wasn’t happening for me that evening. I managed 26 minutes in the end so I was happy enough with that.
I was off Wednesday and got out for a run with my friend Carrie. We were aiming for 10/15k and finished not too far off with 12k.
As usual we were chatting which didn’t help the pace but we did mix it up a bit by going off road for some of it and that was fun!!