As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, it is still a huge surprise to me that I can call myself a runner. This time last year I was exhausted after a short jog, out of breath and hating exercise. Now I see myself going from strength to strength, pushing myself and reaching goals I never thought would interest me.

When I had started to lose weight and wanted to continue to do so, I knew I had to increase my exercise. Running never even crossed my mind as I knew I would keel over after 100m. I decided to give a local fitness class (Embrace Fitness) a go. I was so nervous about joining the class last June. What kind of people would be there? What would the coach be like? Would I make it out alive? Admitidely I couldn’t walk for a week after the first class, but since beginning I have made lots of friends, progressed more than I ever imagined and developed a new positive mindset towards exercise. I honestly haven’t looked back since, and still go twice a week.

The classes incorporate a wide range of activities in circuit format focusing on the strength and conditioning of the body (yes you get sore all over – but that means its working, right?). The owner, and coach Mark makes the classes accessible to all level of fitness and ensures you are working at a pace suitable to your own level. He creates a very relaxed environment but also constantly encourages you to push yourself (but if he tells you 10 more seconds, don’t believe him!). The classes have built up my confidence and allowed me to develop a passion for exercise, which is why I can now call myself a runner. I would highly recommend anybody who enjoys running to give a fitness class, such as Embrace Fitness a try. I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised by the strength you will develop, the improvement you will see in your fitness levels and the changes it will make to your body (you will also learn to appreciate a pain free walk up the stairs). The class has had a direct impact on my speed, stamina and overall ability to run, so no doubt it will help other runners too. It could be all you need to beat that personal best that you’ve been trying to beat for ages, or to eventually cross the finish line without stopping once.

Even though I have built up my fitness and have starting running, I really hate missing the class. I have been forced to take a few weeks out due to bad health, and I feel such a difference in my body. I can’t wait to get back into it again and continue to see progress in my fitness, strength and confidence!

Give it a try,

Stay Tuned,
Aislinn (SlimWithMeMolly)