Almost time for the clocks to go forward, happy days!! This time last year I was running three evenings a week and loving it but this last while I’ve kind of lost the enjoyment I’ve had in running and I need to get it back…
When I started running I was just so over the moon to clock up any distance, every run was an achievement, but since I started back in January I’ve been so competitive with myself and focused on my pace that its started to overshadow the whole reason I started and loved it in the first place!
Training wise I’ve had a bad couple of weeks. This week I managed to fit in three runs but my pace has gone from around 5 minutes per kilometer back up to 5 minutes 30 seconds per K. I do have a cold and am feeling really miserable with it which doesn’t help, but after getting used to improving my pace each week since January I have to say its been really tough going backwards so much with my training.
But these last two weeks have helped me realise that I really need to find the fun in running again and stop worrying so much about pace, time and distance. Running makes me feel great in my mind and body, clears my head and gives me such a sense of achievement. I’m going to focus on that more for the next while and just enjoy getting out.
Charlie and I had a wonderful time visiting my sister in London last weekend and I even managed to fit in a run. My running watch couldn’t find GPS so I wasn’t able to use it to monitor the run and it was probably the best thing for me. I ran for about 40 mins, have no idea how far I went or what my pace was but I loved every second of it! It was a Saturday morning and I took in all my surroundings, people walking their dogs, grabbing coffee, then got to a park where children were out playing tennis and playing in the playground, there was even an organised run on in Bishop’s park as I ran through.
It was the first time I had really explored the city like that, all my other trips involved dying of a hangover on Saturday mornings but because of running I got to see so much more and all without worrying about pace and time.
That morning I found the fun in running again and that’s what I’m going to aim to do for the next little while, keep my training going obviously but not letting it overshadow the most important part, enjoying it!!!

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