So week one started well, mostly because I knew I was going to document it here let’s be honest!
I got out for a good run on Sunday morning, my pace was slower than I’d hoped for the first few kilometres so I tried to get a good distance in to make up for it, it was a really enjoyable run and I was still feeling pretty energetic by the ninth kilometre and thought I might reach 14 or 15k but by 11k I was shattered and just about reached 12k at which point I gave up, the last two kilometres were really tough going! I was still happy out to have reached 12k but it reminded me that I’ve a lot of work to do before I get anywhere near 21k.
I’m bit unsure of the best way to work up to that, I was thinking of trying to do 12k once a week for the next few weeks then increase by one or two kilometres every few weeks… If anyone has any tips on the best way to train for a half marathon I’d be delighted to get some advice!
My brother Rob was home from Edinburgh for the weekend (we’re hoping to do a half marathon together in May) so I was really excited to get out for a run with him Friday, we decided to do 10k and went on a route near my home that I hadn’t done before as it’s a very isolated bog road but with a running partner it’s a great route! We managed 10k and it was my personal best so far (56 minutes) although two factors did help with that… I was trying (and failing) to keep up with Rob the whole time and at one point we were being chased by six angry dogs!!!
On Saturday we registered for the Tinahely half marathon on May 28th, after Fridays run I’m not feeling too confident as I was so happy to finish up at 10k and couldn’t even contemplate going further but saying that I’ve almost 4 months now to build up my distance so hopefully I’ll get there!

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