Welcome to my first (and maybe last) blog!
I’m really excited to share my experience’s, highs, lows and thoughts with you over the next while, I have zero blogging experience so hopefully I won’t bore you as I give this a go…
Up to a year ago I had never even considered running, I had no interest in exercise whatsoever, but I was approaching my 30th birthday and felt I needed to get into some sort of shape and try to achieve something for myself.
I live in the country so road running seemed like a really great way of getting fit without needing to join a gym.
My son Charlie was almost two when I began and I would take him out with me in the buggy for the first while,
I started training using the couch to 5k app which begins with a few weeks of walking and running intervals, it really helped build up my endurance and within a couple of weeks I decided to leave Charlie at home with his Dad and headed out by myself and ran my first mile.
You would swear I’d run a marathon when I did it I was so delighted!
It was definitely easier running without the buggy so I knew I had to try get some sort of routine started if I wanted to get into running properly, I had my husband at home most evenings to watch Charlie so I would try get out three nights a week.
I personally prefer running in the evening than the morning as I tend to have more energy.
Within another couple of weeks I’d reached 3k, and was really pleased to even get that far I never even imagined entering a 10k race months later!!
When I started I knew nothing about pace, the first month or two I was running at about 7 minutes per kilometre and then slowly got it down to 6 minutes, I’m only now properly trying to increase my pace as I gain more knowledge and experience from talking to other runners and entering more races.
About three months after I started I ran 5k and was truly over the moon! I continued doing 5k three times a week without any real desire to go further but within a few weeks I felt I needed another challenge and soon reached 10k!
The first day I ran 10k was honestly one of the proudest moments of my life, I never in my wildest dreams imagined it was something I could do and it just goes to show what the body is capable of if we just work hard and believe in ourselves! Now my pace for that 10k wasn’t at all impressive but at that time I couldn’t care less I was just happy to have completed it!
At the moment I’m really just getting back to running since the new year as I didn’t do much throughout November and December mainly because I wouldn’t run our lonely bog roads alone during dark evenings!
So at present I’m trying to do one long run and two fast paced one’s per week on my days off work, with the goals of reaching my personal best for a 10k race in the spring and completing a half marathon this summer!
Another subject I’ve gained a newfound interest in since I began all this is food and nutrition, as I got into running I became more aware of my body and really taking care of it so my diet has really changed for the better, I’m still only learning about food at the moment and trying out new ingredients and recipes and my goodness there is so much to learn but I think it will be a fun experience!
I hope some of you will join me on my journey for the next while, through the ups and downs, highs and lows and energetic and lazy days!

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