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Welcome to The Dublin Fire Brigade Athletics Charged Run Series 2021

The way everyone pulled together in response to the 9/11 attacks was a defining moment for the people of NYC. Even in their

Darkest moments they came out to help and support each other.

We need to remember – and celebrate – 20 years later that we can also set aside our differences and do great things together and help

Pay tribute to all those souls we lost on the 9th of September 2001.

Today we are grappling with multiple personal issues, a global pandemic, and much more difficult times than we are used too as we spend time away from our friends and family.

Here at DFB Athletics we hope that by running this Run Series we will help support you, the obvious heroes of today, and we are hopeful that the appreciation and love

Will be felt all the way to NYC.

This Event can be done at anywhere in the world and in your own time, you can walk or run this challenge.

The three distances are:

911 – 9.11KM

Valentines Day – 14.02KM

20th Anniversary Year – 20.21km


Submitting Results:

You can submit your time for each distance at the following link: or through the Pop Up Races mobile app

We are hopeful that all participants can complete and submit their distances by the end of March 2021 online.

We know the distances can be difficult for some and we encourage people to attempt the 3 distances in one go once it is safe to do so. We are open to and encourage people to even

Complete the distances over a number of walk/runs. For example 2 x 7.01KM walks = 14.02KM.

Complete all 3 distances and for each distance completed you will receive a medal relevant to that distance. Complete all three and receive the Giant Commemorative Medal

Which allows all of the three medals come together.



What do I need to do?

  • Register for this challenge through Popup Races page
  • Complete your challenge on the specified weekend
  • Submit your results:
    • This can be done by selecting this event in the race dropdown menu, select “Distance – Other” and input your time and distance there to submit.