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We are proud to be back for our third year of the Ros Run.

We will give participants the opportunity to see Roscommons beauty, from our castle, our park, our forest, lakes and breath taking views .

We are organising a 10km, half marathon and a full marathon again this year.

Registration is also taking place on the 22nd of March between 6:30pm and 8:30pm and on the 23rd from 7:30am. (30mins) at Hannon’s Hotel Roscommon.

Water stations will be provided on the course and at the finish line along with hot food for all participants after the race.


Start Times are as follows:


Full marathon – 8.30am

Half marathon – 9.00am

10km – 9.30am



All finishers will receive a t-shirt and a medal. 

(****Please note that the t-shirts are a fitted style and to choose size accordingly****)


Race Day Information is available to view here. Please note the disclaimer for this race also available to view here.



Runners Information: The Ros Run 2019


1: Registration

You will have registered through the Facebook page, pop-up-races or our website. Collection of your race number/chip and T-shirt will take place at Hannons hotel which is located on the Athlone Road in Roscomon town, on the evening before from 18.00 – 20.30 and on the morning of the race, March 22nd 2018.

*All participants must sign in on the morning*

Registration/Sign in,  will open an hour and a half before each race, please ensure you allow yourself enough time to park and to get signed in before your race.


Please be at Hannons Hotel, between these times, to sign in for each route:

-Full marathon          -           07.00 - 08.00

-Half marathon         -           07.30 – 08.30

-10km                         -           08.00 – 09.00



2: Mandatory Briefing

All participants must attend a briefing before the race begins.

All briefings will take place at the back of Hannons Hotel at the followings times:


-Full marathon          -           08.10

(finished by 08.20 then 3 min walk, start time 08.30)


-Half marathon          -          08.40

(start line at Hannons, start time 09.00)


-10km                         -           09.10

(finished by 09.15 then 6-8 min walk, start time 09.30)



******3: Start Line

All participants need to sign in at Hannons hotel on the morning a minimum of 1 hour before race start time. The start lines for each routes are as follows:

-Full Marathon          -           Less than 3 min walk from Hannons Hotel

-Half Marathon         -           Less than 3 min walk from Hannons Hotel

-10km route               -           Dr. Hyde Park. (6-8min walk from Hannons Hotel)


4: Starting Times 


Full marathon - 8.30am

Half marathon - 9.00am

10km - 9.30am


5: Race Bibs and Timing

  • Please take care of your running number, do not tamper with it in any way as a duplicate number cannot be issued to you. Each full marathon, half-marathon and 10K will wear a different coloured chipped number.
  • The Marathon bibs will be BLUE in colour
  • The half marathon bibs will be YELLOW in colour.
  • The 10 Km route will be WHITE in colour.
  • All runners must wear their bibs to the front and be clearly seen.
  • If you have any medical conditions please state this on the back of your bib number with emergency contact details.
  • Race directors number has being printed on the front of all bibs for emergency purposes.
  • Pop-up-races is the timing company that will record all timings. At the finish line you will pass through a time gantry that will register your time as you pass. This will be the official timing of the race. If you do not wear your chipped number the system will not record your finishing time.


6: Parking

There is limited parking at Hannon’s Hotel. Parking inside the yellow lines on the main road has being approved by the Gardi, parking on or outside a yellow line may lead to a parking ticket. When parking, be cautious, allowing for other cars to park in front, behind or beside you. This will be safer for other road users. There are housing estates in the area close to the hotel that participants can use. Do not block any house entrances, obstruct views onto roads or prevent other road users from entering or exiting the estates. Please respect these estates and only use one side of the road to park on, neatly and carefully.

There will also be customers of the hotel using this car park, please be aware of this as the hotel is not private to this event.


7: Traffic

All competitors should note that each route (full, half &10km) will take place on open roads. Rules of the road must be adhered to with the exception of pedestrians on the right, participants must run on the LEFT. Running on the right will lead to a DNF and will be asked to leave the route. Insurance will be compromised if these rules are not followed. All junctions on each route will be marshalled but participants are responsible for their own safety.

2 Ambulances will be covering all routes for safety reasons so please be aware of their presence.


8: Water/Aid stations

-Full Marathon- 6 stations (approx every 4miles)

-Half Marathon- 3 stations (approx every 4miles)

-10 Km- 1station (approx 5km)

  • Bottled water and small cups of water will be available on all stations along the route and at the finish line. Jellies, fruit and cups of coke will be available on every second station on the course
  • Bins will be provides throughout the course, this is a leave no trace event so any persons caught littering will be removed from the course and runners receive a DNF. Please use the bins provided.
  • Toilets are available in the hotel at the start/finish area and on the course:

-Full Marathon – approx mile 13

-Half Marathon – approx mile 6

-10 K – toilets at start and finish line



Marshals will be located on all junctions on each route. They are there for participants safety, directing runners and traffic awareness. Any instructions given by a marshal must be adhered to and if not followed you will be removed from the course and runners given a DNF.



10:The Route/ Distance Markers

Maps of all routes are available on The Ros Run website. Along each route there will be a marker every 2 miles on the full and half marathon and every 1km on the 10k route. These markers are guidelines.


11: The finish line

The finish line, for all 3 routes, is located at the back of Hannons hotel. There will be a gantry for finishers to pass through and this will give the runners their finishing time. Spectators are welcome, however if you have family and friends coming please ensure they are aware of the volume of traffic and limited parking spaces.


12:Facilities & services available

-There are limited shower facilities available at the finish line (Hannon’s Hotel) for participants. They are located on the first floor of the hotel, providing a ladies and mens facility.

-Toilets are available at reception of hotel and also a port a loo in the car park. (start/finish area)

-Hot food will be provided for all participants after the race. You will be given a meal voucher after crossing the finish line and you must hand this in whilst receiving your meal. This service is for participant only. Meal vouchers cannot be replaced.

No voucher-No food.