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  • Location
  • Race Type Cycling, Real Events
  • Date 24-06-2023
  • Time 12:00
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Mondello24 is an exciting 24-hour endurance cycling challenge that takes place in the unique setting of our famed international race circuit.

The third edition of Mondello24 is taking place on June 24th-25th 2023.

After a hugely successful event in 2022, Mondello24 is back with a new Summer date that is sure to further enhance the camaraderie and truly unique atmosphere that made it such as an epic journey for the 88 teams and over 300 riders who embraced its inaugural running.

While leading riders achieved impressive feats (the winning team covering almost 900km) Mondello24 is an event for all level of cyclists, male or female, solo or team. For the majority of riders it is about challenging themselves and pushing their personal limits to new heights.

Whether you are an experienced endurance cyclist or a novice looking for a new challenge, Mondello24 has a category to suit all levels of rider. You can break down the challenge by taking it on with club mates and tackle the race as part of an 8, 4 or 2 rider team or you can take on the ultimate challenge and complete the 24-hours as a solo entry. This is an event for those who not only want to test their physical and mental strength, but who also want to share the experience with others and meet new people in the process.

It’s More Than a Race

One of the unique aspects of Mondello24 is having all the support crews based in the paddock which is located in the centre of our circuit. This creates a real festival atmosphere as teams set up camp for the weekend to cater for all the needs of their riders over the 24-hours of racing. Crewing pit stops, rider change overs, feeding riders, arranging areas for riders to have a power nap, this is an event that even non cyclists can actively be a part of.

The atmosphere in the paddock and pit garages is as much a part of the race weekend as the action on the track.

Mondello24 is a weekend of celebrating cycling that the whole family will enjoy.

We are also proud of the fact that the biggest winners of Mondello24 was charities across Ireland who benefited by almost €30,000 from riders who used the race to fundraise for a variety of worthy causes.