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Longford AC are delighted to bring you the 5th running of their popular 5k & 10k road races along with the U-16 juvenile 5k race.

All details as per poster below






  • Number pick up and registration will be available from 9.30am at the Mall Complex.
  • All races (5/10k and junior) will start at 11.00am sharp.


Results will be available immediately on If you have any queries on your results don't hesitate to contact us on


On behalf of Longford AC, thank you for supporting this race and best of luck in your run.


    2017 & 2018 Results here:
    Race NameNameClubGun timeChip time
    Longford AC 10K 2017richard gormanSligo ac0:33:17,210:33:17,21
    Longford AC 10K 2017Rossa HurleyDonore Harriers0:33:35,670:33:35,67
    Longford AC 10K 2017Clive GlancyCarrick AC0:33:41,290:33:41,29
    Longford AC 10K 2017Barry SheilLongford AC0:35:59,350:35:59,35
    Longford AC 10K 2017Kevin WardLongford athletics0:36:35,580:36:35,58
    Longford AC 10K 2017David SheridanLongford Tri Club0:37:29,150:37:29,15
    Longford AC 10K 2017justin gaviganNone0:37:57,470:37:57,47
    Longford AC 10K 2017Andrew ReganMorris looby fitness0:37:58,590:37:58,59
    Longford AC 10K 2017Adrianna MeliaLongford AC0:38:02,270:38:02,27
    Longford AC 10K 2017Declan NewmanLongford AC0:38:06,570:38:06,57
    Longford AC 10K 2017John DonohoeAnnalee ac0:38:24,150:38:24,15
    Longford AC 10K 2017Mel CarthyMullingar Harriers0:38:50,630:38:50,63
    Longford AC 10K 2017Lorcan GeartyLongford AC0:38:59,690:38:59,69
    Longford AC 10K 2017Brendan DoyleBrendan Doyle Running0:39:44,520:39:44,52
    Longford AC 10K 2017Alan KirbyNone0:39:52,200:39:52,20
    Longford AC 10K 2017Peter KehoeNone0:40:03,860:40:03,86
    Longford AC 10K 2017Michelle MurrayNone0:40:45,230:40:45,23
    Longford AC 10K 2017Daniel DillCarrick AC0:41:14,160:41:14,16
    Longford AC 10K 2017Derek WalshNone0:41:17,450:41:17,45
    Longford AC 10K 2017Fiona GettingsNone0:41:19,540:41:19,54
    Longford AC 10K 2017Gerry GilmartinSligo a c0:41:44,470:41:44,47
    Longford AC 10K 2017Emmett KennyNone0:42:53,250:42:53,25
    Longford AC 10K 2017Oliver Killian0:43:06,630:43:06,63
    Longford AC 10K 2017Juraj KarcakLongford AC0:43:07,530:43:07,53
    Longford AC 10K 2017Gary DeaneNone0:43:11,810:43:11,81
    Longford AC 10K 2017Daniel WalsheLongford AC0:43:25,590:43:25,59
    Longford AC 10K 2017Chris DaleyNone0:43:29,380:43:29,38
    Longford AC 10K 2017Padraic JonesNone0:43:38,860:43:38,86
    Longford AC 10K 2017Maura dervinMullingar Harriers0:44:00,220:44:00,22
    Longford AC 10K 2017Bernard greeneCarrick AC0:44:16,500:44:16,50
    Longford AC 10K 2017Melvyn KennedyMulling air Harriers0:44:24,430:44:24,43
    Longford AC 10K 2017Michael PilkingtonLongford AC0:44:56,430:44:56,43
    Longford AC 10K 2017dara osheaNone0:44:59,880:44:59,88
    Longford AC 10K 2017Brendan LynnLongford AC0:45:01,590:45:01,59
    Longford AC 10K 2017James BradyNone0:45:10,020:45:10,02
    Longford AC 10K 2017John MuldowneyMobil ac0:45:28,500:45:28,50
    Longford AC 10K 2017Declan ScanlonSwinford ac0:45:36,090:45:36,09
    Longford AC 10K 2017Cathal FaganNorth westmeath ac0:45:52,320:45:52,32
    Longford AC 10K 2017Maggie SmithBrendan Doyle0:46:51,430:46:51,43
    Longford AC 10K 2017Colm O'Shea0:46:58,400:46:58,40
    Longford AC 10K 2017Brendan MC CarrickSligo ac0:47:15,690:47:15,69
    Longford AC 10K 2017John WalshNone0:47:31,790:47:31,79
    Longford AC 10K 2017Margaret BalfeNone0:47:36,880:47:36,88
    Longford AC 10K 2017Eoin O'BoyleLD tri club0:47:41,160:47:41,16
    Longford AC 10K 2017Paul HardmanNorth westmeath0:47:47,140:47:47,14
    Longford AC 10K 2017Mary OreillyLongford AC0:47:49,000:47:49,00
    Longford AC 10K 2017Michael ComerLough Key Park Run0:48:28,640:48:28,64
    Longford AC 10K 2017Erin BarrettLongford0:48:33,220:48:33,22
    Longford AC 10K 2017Charlie BaroneLongford Triathlon Club0:49:05,900:49:05,90
    Longford AC 10K 2017pat heffernanCarrick AC0:49:23,000:49:23,00
    Longford AC 10K 2017Suzie KaneNorth westmeath0:49:23,400:49:23,40
    Longford AC 10K 2017Marie McloughlinBrennan Doyle running0:49:35,270:49:35,27
    Longford AC 10K 2017John FarrellBrendan Doyle Running0:49:54,060:49:54,06
    Longford AC 10K 2017Anne BradyLongford AC0:49:57,930:49:57,93
    Longford AC 10K 2017Charlotte KearneyBrendan Doyle running club0:50:02,040:50:02,04
    Longford AC 10K 2017Noel DonnellanNone0:50:06,770:50:06,77
    Longford AC 10K 2017Caroline MchaleNone0:50:35,750:50:35,75
    Longford AC 10K 2017Tommy MurphyMid land tri0:51:39,010:51:39,01
    Longford AC 10K 2017Mary FarrellNone0:52:16,280:52:16,28
    Longford AC 10K 2017Paddy DohertyDublin Runners0:52:23,320:52:23,32
    Longford AC 10K 2017Dessie BarryNone0:54:09,210:54:09,21
    Longford AC 10K 2017Lorraine KennyNone0:54:14,070:54:14,07
    Longford AC 10K 2017Alan FitzgeraldNone0:54:58,280:54:58,28
    Longford AC 10K 2017Noel MckeonBrendan Doyle Running0:55:19,270:55:19,27
    Longford AC 10K 2017Ruth JordanNone0:55:31,790:55:31,79
    Longford AC 10K 2017Adrian LyonsAc carrick0:55:42,710:55:42,71
    Longford AC 10K 2017Deirdre CoffeyBrendan Doyle Running0:55:54,400:55:54,40
    Longford AC 10K 2017Michael LynchNo0:55:55,420:55:55,42
    Longford AC 10K 2017Monica ConefreyNone0:56:47,320:56:47,32
    Longford AC 10K 2017Veronica SmiyhNone0:57:54,780:57:54,78
    Longford AC 10K 2017Martina IgoeNone0:58:13,720:58:13,72
    Longford AC 10K 2017Rita MoranBrendan Doyle running club0:58:15,750:58:15,75
    Longford AC 10K 2017Maeve KillianBrennan Doyle running0:58:49,870:58:49,87
    Longford AC 10K 2017thomas fergusonNone0:59:38,870:59:38,87
    Longford AC 10K 2017Colm McnerneyNone1:01:12,901:01:12,90
    Longford AC 10K 2017Pauline McNerneyBrendan Doyle1:04:54,721:04:54,72
    Longford AC 10K 2017Sinead O FerrallBrendan Doyle1:04:58,841:04:58,84
    Longford AC 10K 2017Georgina GooneryNone1:04:59,811:04:59,81
    Longford AC 10K 2017Giancarlo QuintilianiNone1:05:00,211:05:00,21
    Longford AC 10K 2017Gregory LennonNone1:32:28,091:32:28,09
    Longford AC 10k 2018Mick ClohiseyRaheny Shamrock AC0:30:45,570:30:45,57
    Longford AC 10k 2018Michael CantyMoy valley0:34:25,860:34:25,86
    Longford AC 10k 2018Barry SheilLongford AC0:35:38,180:35:38,18
    Longford AC 10k 2018Paddy SharkeyLongford AC0:35:40,300:35:40,30
    Longford AC 10k 2018Steven Underwood0:37:26,500:37:26,50
    Longford AC 10k 2018Ken McKeownDonore Harriers0:40:16,580:40:16,58
    Longford AC 10k 2018Lorcan GeartyLongford AC0:41:01,990:41:01,99
    Longford AC 10k 2018Colin BeadesLongford AC0:41:12,710:41:12,71
    Longford AC 10k 2018Darren FosterCelbridge AC0:41:21,500:41:21,50
    Longford AC 10k 2018Damien MulleadyBrendan Doyle Running0:43:18,240:43:18,24
    Longford AC 10k 2018Gary Dean0:44:18,780:44:18,78
    Longford AC 10k 2018Padraic JonesBrendan Doyle Running0:44:30,760:44:30,76
    Longford AC 10k 2018Michael PilkingtonLongford AC0:45:12,030:45:12,03
    Longford AC 10k 2018Bernard QuinnBray Runners0:46:00,130:46:00,13
    Longford AC 10k 2018Daniel ClavinBallyfin ac0:46:31,500:46:31,50
    Longford AC 10k 2018Anne BradyLongford AC0:46:32,990:46:32,99
    Longford AC 10k 2018Karl Dermody0:46:44,570:46:44,57
    Longford AC 10k 2018Kevin Davis0:46:56,940:46:56,94
    Longford AC 10k 2018John FarrellBrendan Doyle Running0:47:41,610:47:41,61
    Longford AC 10k 2018Maggie SmithBrendan Doyle Running0:47:52,670:47:52,67
    Longford AC 10k 2018Erin BarrettLongford AC0:48:05,270:48:05,27
    Longford AC 10k 2018Ray FarrellySt Brigids AC0:48:17,110:48:17,11
    Longford AC 10k 2018Mary O ReillyLongford AC0:49:24,600:49:24,60
    Longford AC 10k 2018Charlie BaroneLongford AC0:50:47,010:50:47,01
    Longford AC 10k 2018Donal MaherSliabh Ban AC0:51:22,250:51:22,25
    Longford AC 10k 2018Jon Couch0:51:27,800:51:27,80
    Longford AC 10k 2018Michael Lynch0:51:28,500:51:28,50
    Longford AC 10k 2018Kevin WardLongford AC0:51:47,950:51:47,95
    Longford AC 10k 2018Wesley Jordan0:52:30,870:52:30,87
    Longford AC 10k 2018Ray Foran0:52:44,800:52:44,80
    Longford AC 10k 2018Edel Mc Kenna0:52:55,750:52:55,75
    Longford AC 10k 2018Brian CrossanLongford AC0:53:10,870:53:10,87
    Longford AC 10k 2018Pat Clarke0:53:24,710:53:24,71
    Longford AC 10k 2018John Davis0:54:49,300:54:49,30
    Longford AC 10k 2018Paddy Joyce0:55:28,820:55:28,82
    Longford AC 10k 2018Anne RooneyLongford AC0:55:44,940:55:44,94
    Longford AC 10k 2018lynette greene0:55:48,700:55:48,70
    Longford AC 10k 2018Edel Farrell0:56:59,130:56:59,13
    Longford AC 10k 2018Orla O Connor0:58:40,790:58:40,79
    Longford AC 10k 2018Mona Lucas0:58:53,210:58:53,21
    Longford AC 10k 2018Jo Lucas0:59:18,210:59:18,21
    Longford AC 10k 2018Anne Newman1:00:46,591:00:46,59
    Longford AC 10k 2018Derry Crossan1:03:44,631:03:44,63
    Longford AC 10k 2018Anne WilliamsBrendan Doyle Running1:05:09,681:05:09,68
    Longford AC 10k 2018Arlene Coogan1:05:39,011:05:39,01
    Longford AC 10k 2018Aoife Lucas1:07:50,111:07:50,11
    Longford AC 5K 2017Adrian SheridanLongford AC0:17:53,820:17:53,82
    Longford AC 5K 2017Ciaran MaddenLongford TC0:18:34,730:18:34,73
    Longford AC 5K 2017A.lex RomanoNone0:19:20,430:19:20,43
    Longford AC 5K 2017Ben DoyleBrendan Doyle Running0:19:32,790:19:32,79
    Longford AC 5K 2017David AdamsBrendan Doyle runnng0:20:35,180:20:35,18
    Longford AC 5K 2017Frank DoyleNone0:20:47,600:20:47,60
    Longford AC 5K 2017Paul HennessyNone0:21:07,830:21:07,83
    Longford AC 5K 2017Enda QuinnLongford AC0:21:17,630:21:17,63
    Longford AC 5K 2017Colim BeadesLongford0:21:18,490:21:18,49
    Longford AC 5K 2017david blessingtonNone0:21:26,450:21:26,45
    Longford AC 5K 2017Damien MulleadyNone0:21:30,350:21:30,35
    Longford AC 5K 2017Simon DalyNone0:21:49,330:21:49,33
    Longford AC 5K 2017Ryan KeoghLongford AC0:21:50,400:21:50,40
    Longford AC 5K 2017Edgars OzolsTemple michael0:22:24,670:22:24,67
    Longford AC 5K 2017Jason GrimesNone0:22:24,770:22:24,77
    Longford AC 5K 2017Derek O neillLongford AC0:22:36,650:22:36,65
    Longford AC 5K 2017Raymond BroganLongford0:22:54,660:22:54,66
    Longford AC 5K 2017Jordan KellyTemplemichael0:23:23,850:23:23,85
    Longford AC 5K 2017DESMOND GALLAGHERCarrick AC0:23:51,270:23:51,27
    Longford AC 5K 2017Kate HaganLongford AC0:24:13,390:24:13,39
    Longford AC 5K 2017Shane CourtneyNone0:24:14,710:24:14,71
    Longford AC 5K 2017Patrick Gill o LearyTemplemichael0:24:17,090:24:17,09
    Longford AC 5K 2017Conor MaherTemple michael0:24:28,790:24:28,79
    Longford AC 5K 2017Raymond SmithLongford tri0:24:33,940:24:33,94
    Longford AC 5K 2017mary murphyLongford AC0:24:50,320:24:50,32
    Longford AC 5K 2017Shona MatthewsLongford athletics club0:24:52,350:24:52,35
    Longford AC 5K 2017Bernie SmithLongford AC0:24:53,490:24:53,49
    Longford AC 5K 2017Brian CrossanLongford Triathlon Club0:24:56,830:24:56,83
    Longford AC 5K 2017Madeline DoyleBrennan doyle0:25:03,740:25:03,74
    Longford AC 5K 2017Edel O hanlonBrendan Doyle running club0:25:04,490:25:04,49
    Longford AC 5K 2017Anne RooneyLongford AC0:25:09,670:25:09,67
    Longford AC 5K 2017Caoimhe CrossanLongford AC0:25:54,900:25:54,90
    Longford AC 5K 2017Br?an O'FerrallBrendan Doyle0:26:13,610:26:13,61
    Longford AC 5K 2017Carmel KeoghNone0:26:18,920:26:18,92
    Longford AC 5K 2017Quintin FinnanTemplemichael0:26:20,980:26:20,98
    Longford AC 5K 2017Ann BroganBrendan Doyle Running0:26:35,680:26:35,68
    Longford AC 5K 2017Clare McenroeLongford0:26:36,460:26:36,46
    Longford AC 5K 2017Kathleen KellyNone0:26:41,080:26:41,08
    Longford AC 5K 2017FIONA GALLAGHERCarrick AC0:26:52,200:26:52,20
    Longford AC 5K 2017Marie ReillyBrendan Doyle Running0:27:10,030:27:10,03
    Longford AC 5K 2017Margerat SkellyBrendan Doyle Running0:27:13,990:27:13,99
    Longford AC 5K 2017Helen ConefreyNone0:27:45,810:27:45,81
    Longford AC 5K 2017Delors CourtneyBrendan Doyle0:27:59,590:27:59,59
    Longford AC 5K 2017Lauren MckeonBrendan Doyle Running0:27:59,650:27:59,65
    Longford AC 5K 2017Rebecca SmithNone0:28:04,060:28:04,06
    Longford AC 5K 2017Mary MulliganBrendan Doyle Running0:28:16,190:28:16,19
    Longford AC 5K 2017Kevin MulliganBrendan Doyle Running0:28:17,350:28:17,35
    Longford AC 5K 2017Deirdre FergusonNone0:28:20,510:28:20,51
    Longford AC 5K 2017Siobhan DoranNone0:28:21,230:28:21,23
    Longford AC 5K 2017Collette ReillyNone0:28:46,270:28:46,27
    Longford AC 5K 2017Maeve BradyLongford0:29:43,860:29:43,86
    Longford AC 5K 2017Shane BurkeLongford AC0:29:54,700:29:54,70
    Longford AC 5K 2017Clare BalfeNone0:29:58,780:29:58,78
    Longford AC 5K 2017Patrik WaillantTemplemichael0:29:59,290:29:59,29
    Longford AC 5K 2017Thelma FanninLongford AC0:30:04,960:30:04,96
    Longford AC 5K 2017Eilish ComerfordBrendan Doyle0:30:05,810:30:05,81
    Longford AC 5K 2017John KillianBrendan Doyle0:30:09,140:30:09,14
    Longford AC 5K 2017Ciara CrossanLongford AC0:30:17,800:30:17,80
    Longford AC 5K 2017Edgars PlumeTemple michael0:30:29,040:30:29,04
    Longford AC 5K 2017Anna Corrigan05Brendan Doyle Running0:30:32,510:30:32,51
    Longford AC 5K 2017Ailbhe BradyLongford0:30:37,650:30:37,65
    Longford AC 5K 2017Niamh BradyLongford0:30:37,840:30:37,84
    Longford AC 5K 2017Mathew GibbonsTemplemichael0:30:39,570:30:39,57
    Longford AC 5K 2017fiona mcmanusNone0:30:45,330:30:45,33
    Longford AC 5K 2017Kate CrossanNone0:30:46,410:30:46,41
    Longford AC 5K 2017Hazel JonesTemple michael0:31:12,220:31:12,22
    Longford AC 5K 2017Andrew GrantTemple michael0:31:12,290:31:12,29
    Longford AC 5K 2017Fiona FallonTemple michael0:31:12,520:31:12,52
    Longford AC 5K 2017Eileen ComerLough Key Park Run0:31:15,080:31:15,08
    Longford AC 5K 2017tom walshMulling are harriers0:31:46,860:31:46,86
    Longford AC 5K 2017Hayden NolanLongford AC0:31:51,750:31:51,75
    Longford AC 5K 2017Ryan NolanLongford AC0:31:52,780:31:52,78
    Longford AC 5K 2017Aisling EganNone0:31:59,540:31:59,54
    Longford AC 5K 2017Rose BurkeNone0:32:10,410:32:10,41
    Longford AC 5K 2017Michael McgilleyTemple michael0:32:36,500:32:36,50
    Longford AC 5K 2017Majella HefferanDunshambo0:33:04,160:33:04,16
    Longford AC 5K 2017Nevelone DampareTemplemichael0:33:23,210:33:23,21
    Longford AC 5K 2017Razark YeboahTemple michael0:33:39,750:33:39,75
    Longford AC 5K 2017Kofi AppiahTemplemichael0:33:41,210:33:41,21
    Longford AC 5K 2017Dylan MearsTemple michael0:33:52,730:33:52,73
    Longford AC 5K 2017Stephen MurtaghTemplemichael0:33:53,290:33:53,29
    Longford AC 5K 2017Teresa BlakeNone0:34:29,600:34:29,60
    Longford AC 5K 2017Aine WalshNone0:35:51,800:35:51,80
    Longford AC 5K 2017Trisha HayesNone0:45:14,740:45:14,74
    Longford AC 5K 2017Katie HayesLongford AC0:45:14,960:45:14,96
    Longford AC 5K 2017David GoganLongford AC0:46:04,810:46:04,81
    Longford AC 5K 2017Alison HarneyNa0:48:38,310:48:38,31
    Longford AC 5K 2017Majella GoganNone0:55:13,770:55:13,77
    Longford AC 5k 2018Ciaran MaddenLongford AC0:17:44,630:17:44,63
    Longford AC 5k 2018Ben DoyleBrendan Doyle Running0:19:03,230:19:03,23
    Longford AC 5k 2018matthew lee0:19:12,270:19:12,27
    Longford AC 5k 2018karl wallaceBrendan Doyle Running0:20:09,630:20:09,63
    Longford AC 5k 2018Therese OConnor0:20:38,600:20:38,60
    Longford AC 5k 2018Kate HaganLongford AC0:20:50,570:20:50,57
    Longford AC 5k 2018Edel McNamara0:21:02,240:21:02,24
    Longford AC 5k 2018Jane Halvey0:21:35,840:21:35,84
    Longford AC 5k 2018Derek O'NeillLongford AC0:21:40,220:21:40,22
    Longford AC 5k 2018Seamus MurtaghLongford AC0:21:45,160:21:45,16
    Longford AC 5k 2018Ciaran Finucane0:21:53,400:21:53,40
    Longford AC 5k 2018Michael Byrne0:22:05,150:22:05,15
    Longford AC 5k 2018Eoin O'Boyle0:22:12,610:22:12,61
    Longford AC 5k 2018Katie NugentSportsworld Running Club0:22:32,800:22:32,80
    Longford AC 5k 2018Fiona FallonBrendan Doyle Running0:22:35,950:22:35,95
    Longford AC 5k 2018Ryan KeoghLongford AC0:22:43,290:22:43,29
    Longford AC 5k 2018Anthony Flanaghan0:23:50,800:23:50,80
    Longford AC 5k 2018Damian Keogh0:24:16,200:24:16,20
    Longford AC 5k 2018Aoife Connaughton0:24:30,530:24:30,53
    Longford AC 5k 2018Philip BannisterBrendan Doyle Running0:24:53,970:24:53,97
    Longford AC 5k BradyLongford AC0:25:01,240:25:01,24
    Longford AC 5k 2018john mulcair0:25:01,300:25:01,30
    Longford AC 5k 2018Padraig McKennaBrendan Doyle Running0:25:13,040:25:13,04
    Longford AC 5k 2018Matthew McGovern0:25:47,630:25:47,63
    Longford AC 5k 2018Hazel JonesBrendan Doyle Running0:25:50,920:25:50,92
    Longford AC 5k 2018Niki Kehoe0:25:51,240:25:51,24
    Longford AC 5k 2018Sharon Foley0:25:55,170:25:55,17
    Longford AC 5k 2018Caoimhe CrossonLongford AC0:25:59,030:25:59,03
    Longford AC 5k 2018Kaela BradyLongford AC0:26:17,330:26:17,33
    Longford AC 5k 2018Odhran CrossanLongford AC0:26:28,160:26:28,16
    Longford AC 5k 2018Kate CrossanLongford AC0:26:32,600:26:32,60
    Longford AC 5k 2018Carmel Keogh0:26:33,660:26:33,66
    Longford AC 5k 2018Matthew Jordan0:26:52,460:26:52,46
    Longford AC 5k 2018Tomas ScanlonLongford AC0:27:03,550:27:03,55
    Longford AC 5k 2018Stephanie Scanlon0:27:03,630:27:03,63
    Longford AC 5k 2018Monica ConefreyBrendan Doyle Running0:27:32,770:27:32,77
    Longford AC 5k 2018Gerry Kinahan0:27:40,840:27:40,84
    Longford AC 5k 2018Marie ReillyBrendan Doyle Running0:27:56,900:27:56,90
    Longford AC 5k 2018Ailbhe BradyLongford AC0:28:09,340:28:09,34
    Longford AC 5k 2018Meave BradyLongford AC0:28:12,250:28:12,25
    Longford AC 5k 2018Meave KillianBrendan Doyle Running0:28:23,030:28:23,03
    Longford AC 5k 2018Kevin Doyle0:28:49,730:28:49,73
    Longford AC 5k 2018Deirdre CunninghamForget the gym0:29:03,650:29:03,65
    Longford AC 5k 2018Conor O BrienLongford AC0:29:05,770:29:05,77
    Longford AC 5k 2018Rachel KeoghLongford AC0:30:10,400:30:10,40
    Longford AC 5k 2018Cloda MastersonLongford AC0:30:17,960:30:17,96
    Longford AC 5k 2018Aibhe FoleyLongford AC0:30:20,120:30:20,12
    Longford AC 5k 2018Sean O'Boyle0:31:43,690:31:43,69
    Longford AC 5k 2018Eimear FeeneyBrendan's Running Club0:31:44,420:31:44,42
    Longford AC 5k 2018Pauline McNerneyBrendan Doyle Running0:31:44,480:31:44,48
    Longford AC 5k 2018Grainne O'Boyle0:31:50,360:31:50,36
    Longford AC 5k 2018Janette McWeeneyBrendan Doyle Running0:32:07,470:32:07,47
    Longford AC 5k 2018Bernie WilliamsBrendan Doyle Running0:32:14,600:32:14,60
    Longford AC 5k 2018Tara CrossanLongford AC0:32:30,150:32:30,15
    Longford AC 5k 2018Angela Crossan0:32:30,210:32:30,21
    Longford AC 5k 2018Una Clarke0:34:53,180:34:53,18
    Longford AC 5k 2018Mary Feeney0:34:53,560:34:53,56
    Longford AC 5k 2018Aoibhinn O brienLongford AC0:34:55,020:34:55,02
    Longford AC 5k 2018Teresa BlakeAbbeyleix0:35:25,650:35:25,65
    Longford AC 5k 2018Annette ClarkeBrendan Doyle Running0:39:16,350:39:16,35
    Longford AC 5k 2018Cameron ClarkeBrendan Doyle Running0:39:16,510:39:16,51
    Longford AC 5k 2018Ciara CrossanLongford AC0:41:13,630:41:13,63
    Longford AC 5k 2018Niamh BradyLongford AC0:41:13,690:41:13,69
    Longford AC 5k 2018Cillian O BrienLongford AC0:58:29,790:58:29,79
    Longford AC 5k 2018James HganLongford AC1:00:15,931:00:15,93