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This charity is close to my heart as I lost my son Noah in April of this year to stillbirth.   At 34 weeks gestation we found out early on in my pregnancy that our little man was sick.   He had Edwards syndrome. For those that don’t know this is a chromosome disorder that effects the chromosome 18.   Normally everyone has two chromosomes but my little man had 3 this is a life limiting illness and many babies that have it don’t make it to term or only live short lives.   After we lost Noah, as you could imagine it was a very difficult time and Feileicain were there for me and my partner Charles.   They gave us the ability to make memories with our little man for the little time we had with him.   We received a memory box to make memories with our son full of teddy bears, ink to keep his hand and footprints,  a blanket and lots more.  They also come out and take your son or daughters hand and foot prints in molds.   They are also there for u after.   Its all over for counceling and hold events and so much more.   These memories are precious and they last a lifetime.  It is all we have left of our little angel now and we treasure these memories and the time we had with him.  I can’t imagine what it would of been like if we didn’t have this support.  Feileicain was set up by a group of bereved parents and it is solely kept up and running by fundraising, so all your help is greatly appreciated

Yvonne :0872995448

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