This page outlines how we will work with you on raceday to ensure a smooth, seemless experience for participants and volunteers alike.

There are two elements to race day registration:

  1. Online Registration / Pre Registration
  2. On the Day / Late Registration


ONLINE REGISTRATION: We like to leave this open as late as possible for a number of reasons, the main one being it will reduce workload on raceday for the event organisers. It also increases raceday revenue, as there will always be a % (typically up to 15%) who will not attend on race day despite having paid. Once online registration is closed, we import the data into our timing system. On race day, these people will come to registration and be allocated a number from one of your volunteers using our raceday “Checkin Kiosk”. Example below (search the name John Flynn when allocating the number)

Requirements: Volunteers with their own phones, and a decent 3g service. This link will work on any phone so the only constraint if it gets busy will be bodies! 

Click here for Check In Kiosk

  • Search Name
  • Take next available number from the numbers provided and input that number into the bib number field on the screen
  • Amend race (in this instance there is a 5k or 10k race) if applicable
  • Hit finish

That is the race number allocated and that person can now go to the start line. The kiosk can be set up to show any data fields required, so for example, if there were t-shirts on offer, the t-shirt size the participant chose online can be shown.



ON THE DAY / LATE REGISTRATION: This is available to anyone who for whatever reason did not register online or in advance. We need to collect the participant data and it can be done by the volunteers at registration or by the runner themselves. We want to move away from pen and paper as not all handwriting is readable and inputting data from paper into our timing software can be time consuming.

Click here for late registration

This link (it is for example purposes only, we wull provide you with the correct link in advance of your race) can be shared via a QR code outside the registration hall for example, and people can have all of their data in and ready for when they get to the top of the Queue, remove their number and pay for their entry. You will also notice that when a person registers here, you will see their name if you search for them in the check-in kiosk above.