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We are so happy that you have decided to take part in the My Canine Companion Virtual Tour of Ireland. Together we plan to walk 2,797 km in 30 days, while staying apart.

The funding from this event will enable us change the lives of children, and young adults, living with Autism. We are asking each participant to commit to fundraising while they complete their pledged distance.

Lets do this together!

We are asking all participants to raise €200

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Please see below a message from Riley’s mam Nicole


Please help us to change a child’s life!


Meet Riley and Willow


Riley Duggan, from Cork, Ireland, is 6 years old. He has a diagnosis of Autism and a severe speech sound disorder. Diagnosed at 2 years old, it was clear from a very young age, that Riley had huge struggles with social outings, crowds, and coping with the outside world, as well as being a huge flight risk. His mom knew she had to do something to help her little boy to be able to take part in everyday activities. This was when they turned to My Canine Companion.

“When Riley was diagnosed with Autism, I knew I was going to need help to be able to do everyday things with him. He has huge sensory difficulties, with things like sounds, smells and bright lights causing sensory overloads, that make outings so difficult for him.  He was getting bigger and stronger, and it was becoming harder to bring him out and about, so we had to turn to a special needs buggy to ensure he was safe. I knew this wasn’t a long-term solution, and this is when we applied to My Canine Companion. In 2017 Riley was matched with his Autism Service puppy in training, Willow, a 12 week old Irish Doodle puppy, and it was love at first sight for the two of them.

We followed My Canine Companion’s puppy programme, and Willow and Riley grew together. All through Willow’s training, Riley was still in a buggy, getting bigger and stronger, but we had one goal in mind, and that was attachment.. She very quickly became his best friend. She can calm him in a way I can’t. She is the first thing he goes to in the morning, the last thing he kisses goodnight, and on the bad days she is right there next to him for a nudge of support, to make it all better.

In December,2018, after a lot of hard work, and support form the team in My Canine Companion, Willow graduated as a qualified Autism Service dog and this was the day my little boy’s life changed forever. In January 2019 Riley and Willow were attached, and under the watchful eye of My Canine Companion trainer Orla, Riley’s world opened up. In that moment, Willow and everyone at My Canine Companion, gave my little boy something I, as a mom, could not give him. They gave him back his independence.

He now walks proudly next to me holding Willow’s handle, the belt around his waist is attached to her jacket to anchor him, and together we could do anything. Since that day, Riley has not sat in his buggy. What My Canine Companion have done for my little boy, and our family, is something we can never repay. Willow came into our lives and she has changed everything. I can now take Riley out without the fear of him bolting. I know he is safe, and we cannot wait to see what adventures are to come.

We will be forever grateful to My Canine Companion for changing Riley’s life”

Again, Thank you for taking part in the My Canine Companion Virtual Tour of Ireland. Thank you for helping us to change lives, while staying apart.

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