Pop Up Races have a cost effective, Manual Timing solution for events up to 100 people, where chip timing isn’t required.

Our manual timing solution is simple to use, and offers the following:

  • Live Results
  • Age Category & Team Scoring
  • Online Registration and On Site Registration where applicable

All of this is available and requires what most events that already hand time races already have at their disposal:

  • 3 / 4 volunteers at the finish line
    • 1 to use the timing app and “timestamp” each finisher as they cross the line
    • 1 to provide the finishing order (by race number) of the finishers
    • 1 to photograph or video the finish line as a back up should it be required.
    • Optional 4th if a finish chute is not in operation, to call numbers to the person recording the finishing order


There are two elements to the set up

  1. Registration: This can be done online, were participants input their data and it goes directly into the timing software. Data required usually includes Name, DOB, Gender & Club. Pop Up Races can also collect email addresses if you want to communicate with athletes before and after races. If you would rather do this yourself, we would require an excel spreadsheet in advance in the following format: https://www.popupraces.ie/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/upload-file-manual_timing_test.xlsx
  2. Results: Results are collected at the finish line through the raceresult Event Tools App. For this to work as it should, you would need  to provide Pop Up Races with the time of day that the race started (this would be communicated in a WhatsApp group set up before the event).


AN EXAMPLE OF HOW IT LOOKS (with notes after the video) :


(If subtitles are not working on your video, watch it directly on youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0U5cDeO3EE )
This Video shows the set up. Pop Up Races would provide a link to the organisers to download the timing app, as well as log in details for the race in question. Once logged in, you would follow the process on the screen:

  1. Select the event
  3. Select the START FINISH timing point
  4. Text the race start time (time of day from your gps watch, phone or this web page https://time.is/) to Pop Up Races via a WhatsApp group set up by Pop Up Races in the week before the event. In this example, lets say the race started at 14:00:00
  5. At the finish line, hit “GO” every time someone crossed the finish line. This gives a time stamp and an order of the finishers
  6. A separate volunteer should record the finish order (by race number) of the finishers. This should also be backed up by a 3rd volunteer either videoing or photographing the finishers for visual proof and back up of the finish line.
  7. Once all participants are in, at the finish number order to the finish times on the app.
  8. Times are then uploaded online once everyone is happy with the order by clicking on the settings button on the app and selecting upload.

Once the race number is assigned to the time, the results will show on a pre set up results page like this: https://www.popupraces.ie/race/county-championships-manual-timing-example/


**Note that in areas of poor phone signal, the data is all stored on the persons device so 3g coverage is not needed until you want to publish the results online.