Start lists in the table below. 

Check In – 10 Minutes prior to your start time

Call Time – 3 Minutes prior to your start time

Race Start – Self explanatory

Exit – Immediately after you cross the finish line


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RaceStart TimeFirst NameLast NameClub
Womens 3000m10amAllisonDuffNewbridge A.C.
Womens 3000m10amEmmaBolandNewbridge A.C.
Womens 3000m10amSaoirseReynoldsLe Chéile AC
Womens 3000m10amCaoimheGavinNaas AC
Womens 3000m10amLucyJacobNaas AC
Womens 3000m10amMarianneMulreidSt. Coca's A.C.
Womens 3000m10amSueMc DonaldNewbridge A.C.
Womens 3000m10amCaoimheJohnsonNaas AC
Womens 3000m10amAislingO TooleLe Chéile AC
Womens 3000m10amFionaKingSt. Coca's A.C.
Womens 3000m10amLorraineGleesonLe Chéile AC
Womens 3000m10amValerieDuffayClane A.C.
Womens 3000m10amSineadKellyClane A.C.
Womens 3000m10amFionaKingSt. Coca's A.C.
Womens 3000m10amMadelynEganClane A.C.
5000m HEAT 110:30amIanMc ManusCelbridge A.C.
5000m HEAT 110:30amGarryCribbinCelbridge A.C.
5000m HEAT 110:30amDavidO ConnorCelbridge A.C.
5000m HEAT 110:30amNiallMc LoughlinNewbridge A.C.
5000m HEAT 110:30amBrendanKeaneDonadea Running Club
5000m HEAT 110:30amStevenLoughlinNewbridge A.C.
5000m HEAT 110:30amKarlFitgeraldLe Chéile AC
5000m HEAT 110:30amBrendanKearneyLe Chéile AC
5000m HEAT 110:30amDavidMaherDonadea Running Club
5000m HEAT 110:30amRossBreenCelbridge A.C.
5000m HEAT 110:30amChristyMaloneyClane A.C.
5000m HEAT 110:30amDerekGilmartinCelbridge A.C.
5000m HEAT 110:30amJeremyWhittyNewbridge A.C.
5000m HEAT 110:30amBrendanRyanLe Chéile AC
5000m HEAT 110:30amMarkRaleighLe Chéile AC
5000m HEAT 211:00amColm MoriartyLe Chéile AC
5000m HEAT 211:00amJohnMurraySt. Coca's A.C.
5000m HEAT 211:00amColinO NeillSt. Coca's A.C.
5000m HEAT 211:00amNiallByrneSt. Coca's A.C.
5000m HEAT 211:00amHenryCahillSt. Coca's A.C.
5000m HEAT 211:00amBrianKerriganSt. Coca's A.C.
5000m HEAT 211:00amMichaelMalone Jnr.St. Coca's A.C.
5000m HEAT 211:00amCarolFieldingClane A.C.
5000m HEAT 211:00amCianVillingNaas AC
5000m HEAT 211:00amAlanMaherLe Chéile AC
5000m HEAT 211:00amFrankMc DonaldCelbridge A.C.
5000m HEAT 211:00amBernardPhelanSt. Coca's A.C.
5000m HEAT 211:00amGaryCahillSt. Coca's A.C.
5000m HEAT 211:00amGlenWhelanCelbridge A.C.
5000m HEAT 211:00amOllieKearneyDonadea Running Club
5000m HEAT 211:00amJohnConnorsCelbridge A.C.
5000m HEAT 211:00amConorMc DonaldCelbridge A.C.
5000m HEAT 311:35amAlanCliffordDonadea Running Club
5000m HEAT 311:35amNiallDelaneyDonadea Running Club
5000m HEAT 311:35amLarryKellySt. Coca's A.C.
5000m HEAT 311:35amOliviaBerminghamSt. Coca's A.C.
5000m HEAT 311:35amDavidSlaughterClane A.C.
5000m HEAT 311:35amCaoimheDempseyNaas AC
5000m HEAT 311:35amNiamhJohnsonNaas AC
5000m HEAT 311:35amEmmaTisdallNaas AC
5000m HEAT 311:35amAoifeDempseyNaas AC
5000m HEAT 311:35amBryanCollinsLe Chéile AC
5000m HEAT 311:35amDerekTippingCelbridge A.C.
5000m HEAT 311:35amDanRussellCelbridge A.C.
5000m HEAT 311:35amCharlieNolanCelbridge A.C.
5000m HEAT 311:35amDanRussellCelbridge A.C.
5000m HEAT 311:35amNicholasWalshLe Chéile AC
5000m HEAT 311:35amSineadO ConnorCelbridge A.C.
5000m HEAT 412:15pmMelissaLyonsClane A.C.
5000m HEAT 412:15pmBrianMc GrathLe Chéile AC
5000m HEAT 412:15pmMichaelAndrewsClane A.C.
5000m HEAT 412:15pmMichaelKennedyCelbridge A.C.
5000m HEAT 412:15pmSophiaO HaraCelbridge A.C.
5000m HEAT 412:15pmSeamusKellyLe Chéile AC
5000m HEAT 412:15pmBrendanFarrellLe Chéile AC
5000m HEAT 412:15pmKateSmithClane A.C.
5000m HEAT 412:15pmMicahaelMalone Snr.St. Coca's A.C.
5000m HEAT 412:15pmJohnDixonCelbridge A.C.
5000m HEAT 412:15pmNoelSlatteryCelbridge A.C.
5000m HEAT 412:15pmPatrickSweeneyLe Chéile AC
5000m HEAT 412:15pmKieranPrendergastClane A.C.
5000m HEAT 412:15pmYvonneRowlandLe Chéile AC
5000m HEAT 412:15pmAnnMoranClane A.C.
5000m HEAT 412:15pmPaulFoyLe Chéile AC